What Is Deredere? [Meaning, Definition]

If you are new to the world of anime, you must have come across the term “Deredere” (デレデレ)  at some point. “Deredere” is one of the most popular forms of anime archetypes that actually make it enjoyable for readers to enjoy the anime stories. While notable ‘dere’ archetypes like Tsundere and Kuudere do have their own fan following, the uniqueness of the Deredere archetype makes them an endearing concept in the world of anime creations. It has to be remembered that while Deredere has a similar naming structure like that of Tsundere and Kuudere, it comes with its distinct features and characteristics.

What Is Deredere? [Meaning, Definition]

What Is Deredere?

There are plenty of people who enjoy anime and interact with “Deredere characters” all the time but still are not familiar with the concept of Deredere. So let’s have a closer look at what Deredere is and how are they different from others. The term ‘Dere’ means a character that is lovey-dovey. Usually, characters like Kuudere and Tsundere are marked by a unique character trait. A Kuudere, for example, is a person who is in love with one of the main characters, and yet they tend to act cool as if they are totally in control with their feelings. However, a Deredere is nothing like a Kuudere and has rather different personality traits.

It is nothing unusual for a person to think that a Deredere is nothing but a spelling mistake, even though that is hardly the case either. The term Deredere has the same meaning and connotation as ‘Dere’ but has double or twice the effect. Unlike Tsundere or Kuudere, the Deredere does not really stand out with their unique personality traits. In essence, the Deredere character is very sweet and energetic. They tend to completely get immersed with the person that they love. Instead of standing out with their own personality traits, they completely idolize and get enmeshed with the character of the person that they love. Their whole character revolves around the existence and life of the person that they love.

Unlike the Tsundere, the Deredere cannot develop their distinct characters that are separate from others. For instance, a Yandere character may act selfishly in order to secure their love. In fact, they won’t allow others to get close to the one they love. They may also intentionally harm others if they try to get near the person that they are deeply in love with. The unique thing about the Deredere is that they do not really care whether the main character has got someone else in their lives who love them. The only thing that matters to them is that the person that they love should not be harmed in any case. Deredere characters are extremely nice and they mainly care about the happiness of the person that they love.

Cheerful and always concerned for the well being of the people that they love, Deredere characters have a mesmerizing appeal of their own which makes them a lot favorite among anime lovers. Deredere characters also seem to always remain happy and energetic.

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