Top 10 Strongest One Punch Man Characters 2019

Hello friends today we are going to share powerful one punch man characters. I hope you will enjoy our collection. One Punch Man is a trendy manga sequence curved anime that became more popular after it became animated. How could a explain where the key character can defeat all his enemy in one hit be so popular? That’s because there are cool clash scenes regardless of the overpowered hero. Everyone else is extremely actually powerful in their own way and are clever of putting up epic fight scenes with each other as long as they don’t fight the main character, Saitama.


Check out our Top 10 Strongest One Punch Man Characters.

10. Sonic “Speed of Sound“

Sonic “Speed of Sound“ - Top 10 Strongest One Punch Man Characters


The speed of Sound or Sonic for brevity is one of the fastest characters in the series. He can not really fly fast like sonic booms, he is able to run across a large range at very high speeds. When he hits someone with his weapon, it is reminiscent of a samurai doing a very quick slash of Iaido as he looks behind his enemy after attacking.

He is normally composed in the fight. This gets his blood pumping as he enjoys fighting those who are powerful than him. Despite his skills, however he puts quite low on the power chart. That just proves how strong some of the characters in One Punch Man.

09. Puripuri Prisoner “Huff-Puff Prisoner”

Puripuri Prisoner “Huff-Puff Prisoner”

Puripuri Prisoner’s strength is still nothing to mock at. With breaking muscles from the top to the bottom, Puripuri Prisoner is built like a tank and also he acts like one as well. Walking into the fight with nothing but his bare hands, he goes away the opposition with his raw energy and musculature.

Puripuri Prisoner also has a tone named Angel Style, in which he raises his strength to its highest limit, paying them beyond the door. It has the sad side effect of improving his muscle mass, causing all his habits to be torn off perfectly. But, when in this mode, he’s proved to be multiple times stronger and has even created severe damage to the Sea King, someone Genos had the problem with. Love him or hate him, Puripuri Prisoner is one tough son of a gun.

08. Bofoy “Metal Knight “

Bofoy “Metal Knight “

Bofoy’s hero name is “Metal Knight” because of his choice in using a robot that looks exactly what the name implies, a metal knight. Bofoy is a real scientist at heart, working out different shapes with his robot or letting a group of hooligans steal his innovative suit just to see how far they can be pushed.

His character alone, an individual with the way to all the technology he has at his control is not to be reckoned with. He has enough tech in his arsenal to arm a soldier and with the number of robots he has, he could quickly cause a disaster number to rise in the cities of A-Z. Bofoy is definitely someone you don’t want to get on the wrong team of.

07. Genos “Demon Cyborg”

Genos “Demon Cyborg”

Genos is a fan favorite anime character, who works together with his teacher to find out who attacked his township and killed his entire family. One day, he runs inside Saitama, who easily kills every enemy in his way with a single punch. In fear of his power, Genos forces Saitama to apprentice him in dreams of somehow getting some of that power for himself so that he may revenge his family eventually.

But that doesn’t mean Genos is low. Though his ranking on the S-rank list is still very low, that can be attributed more to experience than any fault on his part. With cybernetic improvements boosting his natural abilities to the max, Genos moves at inhumane speeds and charges with inhumane strength.

06. Deep Sea King

Deep Sea King

This title, realize it tells characters instead of heroes, before we can continue with the article. Because how can we not carry this beast when it comes to the powerful? The Sea King comes from the same cliché that continues the entirety of the series, from the Ground King to the Air King to the Sea King. Arguably, the Sea King sounds like the strongest.

When battling Puripuri Prisoner, he had some trouble. But it was announced that he wasn’t even in his full power as it wasn’t falling. When the rain started pouring down, it became all over for the heroes attacking him. They were quickly batted aside and crushed under his heel. Only the timely attack of Saitama saved them from him. And well-comparing anyone to Saitama isn’t that fair so the Sea King is yet really tough.

05. Atomic Samurai

Atomic Samurai

The Atomic Samurai is a cool anime character who holds his pride close to his soul. When Saitama first tried to shake his hand, he ignored, stating that he would only accept him when he got into the higher ranks first. Despite that, he is not rude. He has his own school of followers who take after his unique ways. One of his disciples, Iaian, becomes severely damaged during the alien attack and he shows a great deal of care and concern for him.

Despite not doing the highest on the list, the Atomic Samurai is nothing to mock at. He uses a katana to finish most of his enemies with ease, not only claiming superior manner but all around better stats as well such as health or reflexes. His trademark technique, Atomic Slash, cuts the enemy into uncountable parts in a single instant, leaving behind zip but dust. When you meet him, don’t even blink, it’ll be over ere you know it.

04. Bang “Silver Fang”

Bang “Silver Fang”

Bang is that one oldie that is been around so hard that he should have become old and weak, yet no one wants to mess with this person. It’s partially due to his rank as number 4 on the rank list. However, it’s most apparently because of what a beast and badass Bang can be. Making his moniker of Silver Fang, he moves around the battleground decimating his foes with ease, his silver hair flying all the while he is doing so.

The Silver Fang uses the style of Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. It’s a nearly strong fighting style that seems to take after forms of martial arts like Tai-chi, in which power is not used but rather the force of the opponent is turned against them. Despite this large level of technique, Bang holds one of the powerful bodies in the whole series. With a technique that requires zero power wielded by a guy who has plenty to save, it is no blow that he places so high on the list at all. Just don’t let him con you into being his disciple!

03. Tatsumaki “Terrible Tornado”

Tatsumaki “Terrible Tornado”

The older of two sisters, Tatsumaki got her moniker enough in fact to the skills that she has received from being an Esper. Unlike the sissy levitations that natural psychics do like boosting a spoon or a little target, Tatsumaki lifts whole towns at a time to attack the enemy with. The trail of damage she often leaves back has lent her the name of Tornado of Terror.

She doesn’t just have power. When required too, she could precisely fire rubble into the cannons of the spy ship and cause them to miscarry on their own crew. With the more use of her mental abilities to promote her lack of natural ones, Tatsumaki is a powerful contender for being one of the most strong beings in the series.

02. Boros “Lord Boros”

Boros “Lord Boros”

Boros is AN alien that has conquered such a big amount of planets and galaxies that he has begun having an existential crisis. He’s terribly bored. There appears to be nothing capable of difficult him any longer and he’s sad that. One day, he receives a prophecy that there exists somebody on Earth World Health Organization will offer him a fight of the centuries. Like each cliché villain ever, he gathers his fleet and invades Earth.

This is AN alien therefore powerful, that his underlings square measure capable of giving S-rank heroes a tough time. And it shows. once faced against the strongest character of the series, rather than happening with one punch like everybody else, he truly takes multiple hits from Saitama before losing. In fact, this can be the primary time we have a tendency to see Saitama swing effort into fights, mistreatment his special techniques just like the serious serious series. Lord Boros is that the second strongest throughout the series to date strictly for the actual fact that he managed to see you later against the Caped mortal when the World Health Organization else will boast of that fact?

01. Saitama “Caped Baldy”

Saitama “Caped Baldy”

With his life going obscurity, Saitama set to become a superhero in order that he may save folks when a happening within which he saved a baby from a crab monster. three years later, when his “intensive” (read: a hundred push-ups, 100 squats, a hundred sit-ups, 10k marathon, and no air-con) physical exercise, he has lost all his hair and become vastly powerful, defeating anyone he comes across with one punch. that loops back to him feeling like his life goes obscurity as he can’t feel the joys of battle as a result of everybody else is simply too weak.

Yet, despite his overwhelming strength, he doesn’t abuse it for his own want. With power like that, he may have simply confiscated the globe or junction rectifier a decadent life, however, he lives sort of a NEET most of the time. He didn’t even take credit for defeating the ocean King, an accomplishment solely he could’ve done at that time of your time, with great care the opposite heroes wouldn’t be looked down upon. His greatest strength altogether this can be his heart and kindness.
Well…not very. His greatest strength is…ONE PUNCH!

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